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Message from Bill Dunn, CPP at APA regarding new garnishment bill

In 2017, APA expects the legislatures in your states – Colorado, Iowa, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont – to introduce the Uniform Wage Garnishment Act (UWGA). This is a model act designed to make state garnishment provisions much more standard across the entire country. APA supports this act. In fact, APA first suggested the idea of the act to the Uniform Law Commission, which drafted the UWGA. 

APA is relying on you and other members as we embark on one of our most ambitious endeavors yet – getting legislation passed in all 50 states. We expect that the UWGA will be enacted in your states without controversy. That said, I cannot overstate the importance of seeing it enacted in your state because in coming years every other state that considers the UWGA will look to your state as precedent. 

I’ll contact you again when the bill is introduced in your state. In the meantime, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have – about the UWGA or about how you can help. I’m also available to help you explain it to your members. You can read the details of the UWGA in the November issue of PAYTECH. Click link below to view article.


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